Kickstarter helps Beaumont couple open new French-Canadian restaurant

By Joel Lefevre
May 10, 2015
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A lifelong dream has come true for a Beaumont couple thanks to the kickstarter campaign and the generosity of residents.

Darren and Sylvia Cheverie launched their campaign over 60 days ago with the goal of raising $95,000 and opening a rustic French-Canadian restaurant.

In the end over 559 backers invested more than $107,975 making it the most funded restaurant Kickstarter campaign in Canada and the first successful restaurant Kickstarter campaign in Alberta.

Sylvia grew up in Beaumont and says it was very important to celebrate everything that makes the town unique.

“We really wanted to have a gathering spot where people could come to on a regular basis and celebrate Beaumont and celebrate their town because as you start to dig through the history and dig through how we started it’s amazing” says Cheverie.

The opening of the restaurant which will be called Chartier has been tentatively set for January of 2016.

The restaurant will feature French-Canadian dishes like classic poutine and lots of roasted meats with a modern twist.

Rewards on the Kickstarter included having your name on their “Family Wall” inside the restaurant, free coffee for life and the naming rights to their signature poutine.  (JSL)